Computational Creativity and Art

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Disecciones Sobre Planos Dec 2019 Transmedia project
  • Virtual Reality
Noise City May 2019 Visualizing urban noise
  • Media Art
El Cuerpo es un Archivo May 2018 Projection mapping
  • Video Mapping
Bahidora Festival Mar 2018 Spatiotemporal color experience
  • Installation Art
Migrante Dec 2017 Physical theatre
  • Theatre
Traditional and Popular Music Sep 2017 Selected works
  • Music
Recording and Mixing Sep 2017 Selected works
  • Audio Engineering
The Artist and the Automatic Machine Jul 2017 Understanding the machine-human creative interface
  • Media Art
EmoSynth Jul 2017 Sonification of facial expressions
  • Data Sonification
Experimental Music Feb 2017 Selected works
  • Electronic Music
Raspberry Pi Music Sequencer Jan 2017 Low-cost and low-latency drum machine
  • Music Technology
360º Music - Contemporary Guitar Ensemble Dec 2016 Multichannel music
  • Music Production
Automatone Jul 2016 Conway's game of life based music sequencer
  • Music Technology
Poema Panorama May 2016 Interactive art
  • Interactive Design
Digital Audio Effects Jun 2015 DSP programming in Faust
  • Audio programming
Twistunes Musical Game May 2015 A musical variation of Milton Bradley Twister
  • Interactive Design
KineSynth May 2014 Kinect-controlled granular synthesizer
  • Audio programming
  • Interactive Design
Algorithmic Art Jan 2014 Selected works
  • Generative Art
In-progress, more to come.