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1 September 2017


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Here I showcase my work on popular music. All works are original compositions or arrangements (if not noted otherwise) and were recorded during the period 2011 - 2017.

Bluegrass in G

Midterm popular music project. Recorded with Logic virtual instruments.

SantiagoRenteria · Bluegrass

The Godfather Theme Orchestration

Midterm orchestration project. Recorded with Kontakt.

SantiagoRenteria · Godfather Orchestra

Videogame Music

Chiptune musical experiment with Reason 6.

SantiagoRenteria · Unknown error

Dance/Chiptune musical experiment with Pro Tools virtual instruments (Air Boom & Air Expand!2.

SantiagoRenteria · Haunted Bits

Dubstep/Chiptune musical experiment with Reason 6.

SantiagoRenteria · Evil


One of my first piano compositions. Recorded in Logic.

SantiagoRenteria · Renascence

Guitar compositions

All guitar and bass parts were recorded and composed by me. Drums were programmed using virtual instruments in Logic and Ableton.

Just a love song

SantiagoRenteria · My Love (Samantha)


SantiagoRenteria · Jumpin Around (Eq)


SantiagoRenteria · Samba

Guitar improvisation.

SantiagoRenteria · Curious Case

Mellow guitar ballad.

SantiagoRenteria · Mellow Light

A song I composed during a trip to Cuernavaca.

SantiagoRenteria · Road to Home

One of my first guitar compositions.

SantiagoRenteria · Shipwrecked Dreams

Free improvisation (during a guitar class) for practicing Minor harmonic and pentatonic scales. Original music by Santana.

SantiagoRenteria · Corazon Espinado Guitar Cover

Santiago Rentería
Computer scientist and audio engineer working at the intersection of artificial intelligence and biology.
Interests: Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Science, Music and Philosophy.