Birdsong analysis, Music Cognition and Artificial Intelligence

Birdsong Phrase Classification With Siamese Neural Networks Jul 2020 Recognizing birdsong patterns with machine learning
  • Deep Learning
  • Bioacoustics
The Impact of Melody on Short-term Memory Dec 2017 What makes melodies memorable?
  • Cognitive Science
  • Memory
Ideology Diffusion Agent-based model Jul 2017 Proyect using NetLogo
  • Multiagent Systems
  • Computational Sociology
Automated Music Transcriptor Jun 2017 We use an algorithm to transcribe musical patterns into graphical notation
  • Music
  • AI
BCI for Playing Piano Nov 2016 Brain-computer interface for musicians
  • Mechatronics
  • Signal Processing
  • BCI
Machine Learning for Artists Mar 2016 A workshop I gave at Tecnológico de Monterrey
  • Computational Creativity
  • AI
Binaural Audio Relaxation Techniques Dec 2014 Can we modulate brainwaves with sounds?
  • Auditory Neuroscience
  • Psychoacoustics
In-progress, more to come.