Physical theatre

1 December 2017


  • Theatre

Migrante is a stage performance that describes the journey of a character (that you can be yourself) in six stages. Migration, from the metaphorical point of view, is a search in which all human beings are immersed either for need or will. From this phenomenon emerges a sense of migration from the awareness of change, that allows us to question our mission in life, as we assume to be free to chart our own course and write a personal (his)story.

The project was directed by Bernardo Rubinstein with the goal in mind of generating an interdiscipline of dance, emotions and sound. While its nature remained physical it also involed theoretical reflection around the concept of migration and its historic meaning.

I consider Migrante as one of the most challenging experiences in my life, because it involved embracing my body as a canvas for emotional expression. A task not very usual for a musician.

If you want to read the essay I wrote for the performance please click here.

Poster and Credits

Santiago Rentería

Computer scientist and audio engineer working at the intersection of machine listening and acoustic ecology.
Interests: sound art, media archaeology and process philosophy.