Experimental Music

Selected works

1 February 2017


  • Electronic Music

Here I showcase my work on sound arts, contemporary and algorithmic music. All works are original (if not noted otherwise) and were recorded during the period 2014 - 2017.

Pesadilla - Spectralism Composition

SantiagoRenteria · Pesadilla

Karplus Drops - Algorithmic Composition

Computer generated improvisation based on water drop samples and the Karplus-Strong String physical model. Programmed with Max. The algorithm allows controlling speed and probability of events (water drops and string plucks) over time.

SantiagoRenteria · Water

Concatenative Synthesis

During a workshop taught by Jeff Treviño at Tecnologico de Monterrey, I explored the expressive possibilities of AudioGuide, a program for concatenative synthesis that analyzes databases of sound segments and arranges them to follow a target sound according to audio descriptors.

Target sound: Polyrhytmic pattern Corpus: Voices

SantiagoRenteria · Polyrhythmic conversation

Target sound: Harder Better Faster (Daft Punk) Corpus: Technologic (Daft Punk)

SantiagoRenteria · Harder Better Faster Resynthesis

Egyptian Randomness - Algorithmic Composition

In a MOOC taught by Ajay Kapur I learned to program generative music using Chuck. Here are the results of my first project. A Random song using polyrythms based on the egyptian scale: C D Eb F# G Ab B C.

SantiagoRenteria · Egyptian Randomness

Dream Fragmentation - Audiovisual Experiment

Visuals generated transforming a Mandelbrot set with recursive zoom in Adobe After Effects and Max 7 Vizzie. Sounds synthesized with Arturia’s Modular V.

Santiago Rentería

Computer scientist and audio engineer working at the intersection of machine listening and acoustic ecology.
Interests: sound art, media archaeology and process philosophy.