Twistunes Musical Game

A musical variation of Milton Bradley Twister

1 May 2015


  • Interactive Design

This was a game I designed and programmed inspired in the original Twister game from Milton Bradley. The game mechanics are basically the same, the difference is that every combination of pads triggers different loops (sampes) of music while you are playing. The audio is controlled by the DAW Ableton live, and the user interface and game engine was programmed in Processing (Java). The communication between Ableton and Processing is based on the OSC protocol. You can read a paper with further details here.


The game pads were built with aluminium foil and EVA, and by connecting them to the Makey Makey device they work as keyboard keys when pressed.

Demo and Testing

Santiago Rentería
Computer scientist and audio engineer working at the intersection of artificial intelligence and biology.
Interests: Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Science, Music and Philosophy.