Binaural Audio Relaxation Techniques

Can we modulate brainwaves with sounds?

1 December 2014


  • Auditory Neuroscience
  • Psychoacoustics

As a part of an elective course on Musicotherapy I developed with my team a research on the effects of binaural audio. We had the opportunity to present our results at CIM14 (a conference on Interdisciplinary Musicology). in Berlin. During this project I had my first contact with the experimental and research methods of science. It’s also important to mention that the technology we used for the EEG measurments was pretty limited (Mindwave Neurosky), but the research constituted an important effort towards preparing my first scientific paper.

Below is a picture of the Max patch I developed for retrieving the signals from the Mindwave EEG device.

The following video is a demo of Mindwave software.

Santiago Rentería
Computer scientist and audio engineer working at the intersection of artificial intelligence and biology.
Interests: Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Science, Music and Philosophy.